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U Police offers educational presentations to the U community. Students, departments, U partners, on-campus organizations, and any office at the University of Utah, including the University Hospital, may request a presentation or training on any of the topics listed below. In addition to the classes listed here, U Police can develop customized sessions based on the unique needs of the requesting organization.

Contact U Police Lieutenant Ryan Speers or COP Sergeant Reggie Johnson to arrange details.

Active Aggressor

In conjunction with Emergency Management, U Police offers active aggressor training designed to prepare participants with strategies to respond to mass casualty events.

Personal Safety

This session focuses on improving situational awareness, tips for vehicle safety, information about how to request police assistance. It can be customized to include safety information for international students adjusting to American culture.

De-escalation/Dealing with Disruptive People

This presentation focuses on tips on how to de-escalate situations that arise on campus, and what resources are available to assist. Every presentation includes a Q and A opportunity to address specific situations that could occur.

Customized Presentations

If you are looking for some training or guidance for your staff or group on campus that doesn't fit into any of the above topics, we are happy to put together any presentation to fit your needs. Share your questions or concerns and we can work with you to craft a specific presentation or training.

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We are committed to continuous improvement and to creating a safe environment that meets the needs of the U community. Please share your feedback with us. This information is received by the Office of the Chief Safety Officer, which serves as the central administrative unit for all public safety functions, including University Police, Community Services, Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, Campus Security, and U Health Security.
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