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The Healthcare Division is a specialized team dedicated to managing and coordinating law enforcement efforts within University healthcare facilities. They work closely with the Health Security Division of the Department of Public Safety and play a crucial role in maintaining safety and security within the healthcare system by upholding the law, and fostering a secure atmosphere for patients, staff, and visitors.

In addition to their intensive police training, they also receive specialized training to equip them with the unique skills and knowledge required to maintain safety within healthcare facilities. This training encompasses understanding medical ethics and patient confidentiality, in addition to crisis de-escalation techniques to handle disruptive situations with patients or visitors. This specialized training ensures that the division police officers can balance the need for a secure environment with the compassionate and patient-centric nature of healthcare facilities.


We are committed to continuous improvement and to creating a safe environment that meets the needs of the U community. Please share your feedback with us. This information is received by the Office of the Chief Safety Officer, which serves as the central administrative unit for all public safety functions, including University Police, Community Services, Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, Campus Security, and U Health Security.
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