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The Administration Division ensures the effective daily operations for University Police. The division is responsible for equipment and fleet management; procuring, distributing, and maintaining essential law enforcement equipment from firearms to communication devices, and ensuring officers have the tools they need to carry out their duties safely and efficiently.

Simultaneously, it oversees officer training, providing ongoing instruction and professional development to enhance the skills and knowledge of law enforcement personnel. This multifaceted division plays a pivotal role in supporting the front-line officers, enabling them to execute their responsibilities with the necessary tools and expertise, ultimately contributing to the overall effectiveness and professionalism of University Police.  Officers are required to complete at least 40 hours of training every year, including less-lethal weapons preparation and dealing with people in crisis and emotional distress, as part of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training curriculum. Other courses received are de-escalation skills training and implicit bias training.

Another function of the division is the Emergency Communications Center which serves as the critical nerve center of public safety operations at the University. Its primary functions include receiving emergency and non-emergency calls from the public, promptly assessing the situation's urgency, and dispatching appropriate personnel, such as security, police officers, or other essential personnel to the scene. Public Safety Dispatchers maintain constant communication with field units, providing vital information and coordinating responses. They also monitor various radio channels, manage equipment, and serve as a lifeline for both public safety personnel and campus community members in times of crisis, ensuring a swift and efficient response to emergencies.


We are committed to continuous improvement and to creating a safe environment that meets the needs of the U community. Please share your feedback with us. This information is received by the Office of the Chief Safety Officer, which serves as the central administrative unit for all public safety functions, including University Police, Community Services, Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, Campus Security, and U Health Security.
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