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Community engagement initiatives are the bridge between law enforcement and the community. In college settings across the country, community outreach programs aim to decrease potential crimes by increasing the community's trust in the police, promoting the process of reporting crimes, and building a safer community together.

The U Police Community Outreach program fosters collaboration with students, employees, campus partners, and other external agencies and first responders.

Throughout the year, U Police Associate Director Shawn Bryce leads efforts to engage with students and campus partners in safety-related events and educational projects. These initiatives focus on educating the U community about various issues, including personal safety, mental health, and self-defense.


We are committed to continuous improvement and to creating a safe environment that meets the needs of the U community. Please share your feedback with us. This information is received by the Office of the Chief Safety Officer, which serves as the central administrative unit for all public safety functions, including University Police, Community Services, Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, Campus Security, and U Health Security.

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